His passion for editing is evident in every piece he works on. Each video is an opportunity for him to tell a story and he thrives in the freedom given from a producer.

Courtney Dixon

Senior Video Producer, WebMD

In the world of Post-Production, there are editors with strong editing technique and there are others with the gift of crafting the best story. Jeff has managed to master both! 

Tara Stinson


As a Director of Photography on a shoot, I often get a feel of where the heart and the beauty of a story is heading.  This is often difficult to communicate to an editor who wasn’t there. Whenever I see how Jeff has edited a piece that I’ve shot, I always think the same thing: “He’s nailed it. Again. He’s absolutely understood the heart and the essence of the story”  This is so rare.

Duane Codrington

Director of Photography


(615) 852-7678

Jeff is an award-winning video editor with 20 years of experience. Based out of Nashville, TN he focuses on narrative storytelling, music videos and branded emotional connections. Contact him to experience Proudly Professional Post.

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